12 Unique Packaging Ideas That Can Inspire You


Finding packaging that can be unique for your products and help them stand out in the market can be quite difficult. Everyone follows the same trends without innovation that have once become famous. Every new product follows the packaging of similar products.

Suppose you also intend to design your packaging. In that case, you can create a real difference by looking for newer and Unique Packaging Ideas. Packaging companies can help you get the most amazing packaging made from the most recent technologies.

Take a look at the market and check what your competitors are doing. You can create a difference by inventing good packaging for small brands to help you stand out. Here are the twelve most creative packaging ideas that may be very helpful for you in making special packaging.

1. Go With Minimalist Packaging with fewer Materials

These days the trend for minimalism is increasing a lot. In such a scenario, going for minimalist packaging is a good idea. It uses minimum materials and a very light design but looks very classy. The following are some minimalist packaging design suggestions:

  • Go for customized sleeves.
  • Keep the printing minimum, like your brand name or some light design.
  • Varnish instead of lamination to reduce plastic utilization.
  • Use eco-friendly materials like Kraft paper.

2. Use Pop Colors 

pink box
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Colors are highly symbolic as they represent a complete aura of the products. Color is the first feature that attracts buyers to the products. You can use bright and pop colors to get the immediate attention of the customers. The selection of colors varies according to the products, brand image, and target customers. 

For example, you can use black mailer boxes if you sell a men’s use item. Similarly, if the products are for females, then pink mailers would remain the best option. For children, you can go for neon shades that would catch their immediate attention. 

3. Utilize Eco-Friendly Materials

eco friendly packaging
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Going for eco-friendly packaging is the best option to reduce waste production. The packaging is biodegradable and hence does not harm the environment. You may use Kraft paper because it is made from natural raw materials. 

Using cloth for packaging is also an option because it is not harmful to the atmosphere. Similarly, do not use plastic lamination as it takes a long time to decompose, making the packaging non-biodegradable.

4. Make it Interactive

interactive designs
Image by PetiteFleur

Good packaging is the one that interacts with the customers and captures their attention. You can make interactive packaging in the following ways:

  • Tell a story to the customers. 
  • Use colorful illustrations or graphics to get the customer’s attention. 
  • Write a catchy statement.
  • Use DIY ideas to give a personalized touch to your packaging.
  • Create a window on the box to give a sneak peek to your customers of the products packed inside.

5. Use Creative Slogans

slogan box designs

Sometimes, a mere play of words is enough to create a difference. You can write creative slogans on the packaging to stand different. Write statements that match the overall theme of the packaging. 

For example, you may write “Eat me” for a food product or “Use me” for a hygiene-related item. Similarly, you may write a catchy tagline that would have the power to get the customers’ attention. Most famous brands use such taglines to stand as their representatives.

6. Modern and Texture Design

texture design boxes

Good packaging matches all the customers’ senses instead of just the visual ones. You can invoke the physical senses of the customers by using texture design on your packaging. It is a design that the customers can feel through their hands

You may do this with embossing or debossing that creates a dent in the packaging that the customers can sense when they touch it.

7. Tell a Story through Packaging

You may also use the packaging space to tell your brand story. It will help create an association of the customers with your brand. They may also find inspiration from you. Use pictures or graphics to show your journey about how and where you started. Similarly, you can also tell a story about your products’ formation. 

8. Don’t Forget the Interior

If you want to give customers an amazing unboxing experience, remember the interior of your packaging. All the brands focus on the exterior packaging. This creates a space for you to create a difference by printing on your box’s inside surface.

 It will create a huge difference for your packaging by showing that you are not only concerned with the outward appearance of your packaging. 

9. Follow the Current Trend

Although the importance of becoming different and doing something out of the box can never be denied, you still cannot ignore the latest trends in the market. Your products have to compete in the markets to stand out and win from the competitors. 

Hence, look for the current market trends and create your packaging according to these. Change these trends slightly and launch your products by adding your style.

10. Go With Luxury Designs

Luxury designs are the best option for your high-quality products. They have a classy design and a premium look. They are also the best for making gift packaging. You can make luxury designs in the following ways:

  • Use rigid boxes to give an outclass look to your packaging.
  • Apply add-ons and finishing like embossing/debossing, spot UV, lamination, Varnish, and hot foil stamping. 
  • Employ classic shades like black, white, and beige to get immediate attention.

11. Give a Better Unboxing Experience

Providing the customer with an unboxing experience is very important for creating a lasting impression on them. This is particularly important in e-commerce packaging, where the packaging is the first interaction of the products with the customers. 

The following ideas can be quite helpful for providing an unboxing experience to the customers:

  • Use plastic or foam inserts.
  • Pack the products in paper or gift wrapping.
  • Place gift cards inside the boxes. 
  • Put add-on embellishments to bring a smile to the customer’s face. 

12. Go With Functional Designs

These days, people prefer convenience. They like packaging that is easy to open and also preserves their products. This calls for using functional packaging for your products. It is a packaging that is reusable and resealable.

It should also be space-efficient to manage more products in a lesser space. Protecting the products is also a significant feature of the packaging. Try to use sustainable materials to make your packaging even more functional.

Unique Packaging is the one that goes Outside the Box

You can use the latest trends going on in the market. Uniqueness can be added to it from customization to suit your requirements. Understand your target customers’ needs to create packaging that stands out.

Get the Unique Packaging Design Help from Experts

If you want help designing your next packaging, we are here to serve you. Our creative designers are experts in packaging. You can completely rely on them for your product packaging design. 

All the ideas that can make your packaging different have been discussed here. Only good packaging will help get the customer’s attention and increase your brand’s sales. You can contact us for further information and many Unique Packaging Ideas to provide your customers with a wonderful packaging experience. 

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