6 Minimal Packaging Design Ideas

minimal packaging designs

Simplicity helps you understand things better as it makes them uncomplicated. In marketing, you will get attracted to the simple design of the products.

These days minimalism is in trend. Minimalism means using the least resources for the designing of anything. Its motto is to promote simplicity and reduce the consumption of resources. There are many advantages to using minimal designs. It is not only cost-efficient but also classy. It believes in the motto, “Actions speak louder than words.” It means the brand believes more in practically doing things than boosting them.

Here we will discuss the most famous Minimal Packaging Design Ideas that will help you create a unique mark for your brand in the market. 

What are the Characteristics of Minimal Packaging Design?

One major characteristic of minimalist packaging is that it has one clear and focused theme highlighted by the whole packaging. It does not believe in excessive embellishment and focuses on a single point, like the brand logo or any other detail. Its design is also minimal or negligible.

Moreover, the material used for making this packaging is also eco-friendly and minimizes environmental harm. Kraft material is commonly used for being eco-friendly.

The following are the top 6 ideas that will help you create amazing minimalist packaging:

Use of Monochromatic Colors

The best idea for minimalist packaging is to use a monochromatic shade. It looks very elegant and appealing. Every brand has a particular color that stands as its representation. How can you associate one such color with your brand? This can be done by using single shades for the packaging of the products. Such monochromatic packaging also appeals to the customer’s eye. It causes them to turn their heads to look at the packaging. Select any color you think will match your brand value and image.

Embossed Logos

embossed logo design boxes

Embossing is the process of creating raised texture on your packaging. It is an attractive add-on that has dual characteristics as it is very minimal but, at the same time, leaves an impression on the customers. Embossed logos add a textured look to your packaging.

Embossing has the power to capture people’s attention due to its simplicity. Moreover, it is also sustainable as it does not utilize harmful materials during its making. The process involves the creation of a die that is then pressed on a sheet of paper.

Make Bold Statements

slogan box designs

You do not need to beat the bush to convey your message to the customers. Instead, tell them directly what you want to convey. Use the space provided by the packaging to tell your customers that your packaging is eco-friendly. Moreover, you may also write the raw materials for making the packaging, like “made from organic materials,” etc.  

This will help clarify your motto, and you can say more in an economical use of space. The clarity of the idea makes it a good packaging solution for small brands.

Utilize Proper Texture & Patterns

Texture & Patterns

The texture is another important aspect of minimalist packaging. Use a completely organic texture, like Kraft paper, to match your minimalist approach. 

The text patterns are also important for creating a minimalist impression on the customers. Going for extravagant designs is not necessary if you know how to say more in a lesser use of words. You can play with your brand logo and use various patterns to represent it before the customers. Make symbols of letters, omit some letters, or design them to make them attractive.

Embrace Minimalist Illustrations

Minimalist Illustrations

Illustrations are a great way to creatively express your ideas with minimal use of space. You can go for minimalist illustrations by creating a simple yet appealing design. People are now tired of brightly colored and flashing graphics and are looking for illustrations focusing more on simplicity.

The colors and the design of the products play a role in creating an impression in the mind of the customers. The hassle and bustle of modern life have motivated people to look for the peace of mind that they find in minimalist illustrations.

Focus on Sustainable Materials

sustainable packaging designs
Kraft Mailer Box

Sustainability remains the core focus of minimalism as a way to reduce environmental degradation. Use materials that are made from natural raw substances and that decompose easily. Kraft paper, canvas bags, etc., contribute to making eco-friendly packaging. Hence, try to make packaging that uses such materials.

Moreover, also focus on the coatings of your packaging. Avoid plastic coating that may take a long time to decompose. Instead, you can go for varnish. Also, consider that your printing inks are not toxic to the environment.

Successful Examples of Minimal Packaging Design

If you are still confused about whether to select minimalist packaging or not, you may take a look at the following most famous brands and their packaging stories that have incorporated minimalism.


apple packaging designs

The boxes of Apple are famous for their minimalist design. The box is white and has an image of the product made on its front side for identification. On the side, there is the logo of the brand. The overall finish is matte, giving the products a classy look.

White is the prime color for minimalism, and the overall packaging and inlays are white, which looks simple yet elegant.


Glossier packaging

Another huge example of minimalism is Glossier. It targets customers that like minimalist design ideas. Most product packaging colors are cream, pink, or other pastel shades. The products are packed in plain bottles with the brand name or some product information.

Moreover, every product has a unique packaging design that is both minimalist and distinctive. They have launched a new strategy where customers can reduce the layers of packaging at the checkout to reduce their packaging footprint. They may or may not opt for a pink envelope that may be used to carry the products.


Aesop box designs

A plain box, usually with the brand name written on it, constitutes Aesop’s packaging. They utilize aluminum, amber-colored glass, recycled PET, paper, and cardboard. All these materials are sustainable for the environment leaving minimum waste materials.

There is no additional design on the packaging. Their product bottles, often made from amber-colored glass, also have a minimalist design with the brand name written on it only.

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