15 Innovative Small Business Packaging Ideas

small business packaging ideas

Have you started a new business and are looking for ways to increase your sales? If yes, then we have the best unique small business packaging ideas which help your product to stand out.

These Packaging ideas help you create a unique identity for your brand in the market. When you are new, you have to compete with many others. In such a situation, you can only create a long-lasting impact on your customers through innovative packaging design.

Here, you will get to know small business packaging ideas that suit you most. Keep your products, budget, and target customers in mind when designing the packaging. 

15 Ways for Small Business Owners to Package their Goods

The purpose of packaging is to provide protection to the products and improve their presentation. 

Good packaging leaves a memorable impact on the customers by making them feel special. You can use your packaging to increase your sales in the market and make huge profits.

The following are the most innovative ideas for making packaging for your small business:

1- Decorative Mailer Boxes

holiday mailer packaging

A good way to leave a beneficial impact on your customers is by using Decorative mailer boxes. They will leave a very good first impression of your products.

The following are some fascinating ideas for decorating your mailer boxes:

  • Print on the inner side of the box.
  • Use various styles for mailer boxes.
  • Place customized inserts inside the boxes.
  • Select an appropriate material.
  • Keep the printing on the box to a minimum.
  • Attach customized printed stickers.
  • You can also look for Christmas packaging ideas to surprise your customers on this special day.

2- Exterior Logo Stickers

Exterior Logo Stickers

Your brand’s logo plays a role in creating its identity in the market. Therefore, make sure that it is prominent on the box.

You can make stickers for your logo and place them on the exterior surface of the box. Stickers will create a difference from the usual style of printing.

Use amazing shades and designs to make stickers. It will help you familiarize your customers with your brand identity.

 You may also place the same stickers on the products that will create a good impression.

3- Thank-you cards

Thank-you cards
Image by Hobby Lobby

It is always important to make your customers realize that you care. Placing thank you cards inside the packaging is a good way to do this.

It is very economical but leaves a lasting impression. You may design the card to be simple by writing “thank you for shopping with us,” or you can get creative and add more details. Also, print the logo and your company’s name on the card for identification.

You can also customize the size of the card according to the requirement. The material may also be cardboard or Kraft.

4- Inner Packaging

Bubble wrap
Image by Enkoproducts

Good packaging takes care of the protection of the products along with their presentation. Therefore, you can go for inner packaging for your products.

The following are the inner packaging options:

  • Packaging paper (with your logo custom printed on it)
  • Foam or cardboard inserts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging peanuts

Inner packaging is most important when you ship your products. It helps them reach their destination in the right condition. Moreover, it is also good when customers buy products from your shop.

5- Theme Based Packaging

Theme Based Packaging

Going with the latest trends is very important for a new business to prosper. Hence, it would be best if you innovated your packaging occasionally.

You can use themed packaging for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, etc. 

You can also select the packaging theme according to the weather. You may print snowflakes in the case of winter or flowers to indicate spring. 

It will make your brand relevant to the latest trends going on in the markets.

6- Custom vinyl stickers

Custom vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers have vibrant colors and innovative designs that look very suitable. You may place them on your boxes to increase customer interest in the product.

You may customize these stickers in the following ways:

  • Use contrasting and bright shades in the stickers to make them eye-catching.
  • Get stickers of your required size.
  • Diecut the stickers into your required shapes.

7- Ribbons & Bows

Ribbons & Bows

Everyone likes to feel special, and so do your customers. You can do this by using ribbons and bows to decorate your boxes. It will make your products look like a gift.

Brands looking for Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses often use ribbons to look pleasing. Get a ribbon of color that will look prominent on the box. 

If your packaging is very lightweight, like paper folding, the ribbons will also help seal it.

8- Color Gradients

Pink Mailer Boxes

No one likes monotony, and so is the case with your customers. You can bring innovation to your packaging design by using color gradients that will either move from darker shades to lighter ones or vice versa.

It will help you look different from the competitors. You also do not need any designer for this idea, as you can select colors yourself.

9- Custom Sleeves

Custom Sleeves

Custom sleeves are the best option if you are low on budget but want to create packaging that makes you stand out from competitors.

No matter if your box design may be very simple and plain, the sleeve will enable you to make it look different.

Use the sleeve of color that gets very prominent on the box so that it looks good. You can also print your logo on the sleeves. The small size and variety of material selection make it very economical for you.

10- Die Cut Boxes

Die Cut Boxes

Diecutting is also a way to make amazing packaging. You may modify the box into any shape through die cutting.

Cutting windows on the boxes is also a good option. Nothing attracts your customers more than transparency. Especially if you are a new brand, they may doubt trusting you. In that case, using windows on the boxes will allow the customers to take a sneak peek of the products packed inside the box.

11- Innovative labels and tags

labels and tags

Labels are a great way to make your brand stand out. They help add more details to your packaging.

Similarly, tags help reinforce your identity. They are small and can be attached to the box through ribbon or string, but they still help you create a difference.

You may write the name of your brand or product details on the tags. Moreover, you may also write thank you or some other greeting on these tags.

12- Sustainable packaging

Kraft Mailer Boxes

As a small and new business, you can create your mark by promoting your sustainability motto. Going for sustainable packaging is good for you.

It is the type of packaging that has the least impact on the environment. It makes minimum use of resources and is often made from eco-friendly materials.

The following are the options for sustainable packaging:

  • Use Kraft paper or any other eco-friendly material.
  • Reduce the packaging material to a minimum.
  • Do not use plastic lamination.
  • Make the packaging reusable.

13- Include Inserts in your Packaging

box inserts

Using inserts is a good way to protect your products. No matter if you are a small business, you should make no compromise on the quality of your products.

This can be done using inserts for your packaging that will help protect and keep the products in place inside the packaging.

This will show that you care for the customers and want the products to reach them in the right condition.

14- Colorful packaging tape

Colorful packaging tape

Using colorful packaging tape is a great way to make your packaging look outclass on a very low budget. You may select the color of the tape to contrast with that of the box. This will make it very prominent on the box.

Even if your box is plain and simple, it will still look attractive. Moreover, the tapes will also help in sealing the box in a better way.

15- Branded Packaging

Branded Packaging

Whether you are a small business, you can still create your brand unique through the following strategies:

  • Design a logo that stands apart.
  • Look for competitors’ designs and try to innovate them.
  • Select good combinations of textures and colors.

Why Should Small Business Owners Focus on their Packaging? 

All the possible small business packaging ideas have been mentioned here. Good quality packaging for a small business helps increase the customers’ trust in the sellers. 

Moreover, it also provides them with a good shopping experience. Finding a trusted and reliable packaging solution for your startup is very important.

One such solution is MailerBoxes.us, which will provide you with the most fantastic packaging varieties. 

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