7 Inspiring Ecommerce Packaging Ideas

ecommerce packaging ideas

A standard, brown-colored corrugated box is the most commonly used box for e-commerce packaging. This is where companies need to improve while making a strategy to attract consumers through their shipping ideas. The first look is very important when the parcel arrives at the customer’s house. Hence, working on this look can create a very good impression on your customers.

You have to Design your packaging in a way that helps you stand out from your competitors. There are millions of E-commerce packaging designs that can enhance your product packaging.

The ultimate goal of any businessman is to attract customers and make them happy through their products. And if the packaging provides an amazing unboxing experience to the customers then it can help the Ecommerce business to double its Sales.

Ecommerce Packaging Ideas that Amaze you

Suppose you need to figure out where to start designing your packaging. In that case, this blog will present you with the 7 most amazing ecommerce packaging ideas that will be very useful. 

1- Sustainable Packaging 

sustainable packaging

The increased environmental concerns of the people call for sustainable packaging that will be very helpful for environmental preservation. It will reduce waste and become noticeable before your customers’ eyes.

You can promote this packaging in the following ways:

  • Use recycled material.
  • Make boxes that are reusable and recyclable.
  • Eliminate the use of plastic.
  • Take exact measures of the products for making the box so that no unnecessary material is used.

This packaging also allows you to devise creative packaging that differs from the normal packaging style.

2- Embossed Metallic Stickers

Embossed Metallic Stickers

Using embossed stickers is a great way to create a lasting impact of your packaging on the customers. You may emboss the initials of your business name on this sticker. Moreover, you can also print your brand’s logo on the stickers. 

The shine of the stickers helps create a good impression on the customers. Using them is best for your product packaging for shipping as they are also water resistant. 

They can be customized in any shape or size according to your requirements. Moreover, you may also print anything on them. 

3- Use Branded Sealing Tape

Branded Sealing Tape

Sealing tape is a must for packaging to be sent through shipping. It helps seal the box so the products will not come out during transport. 

Hence, using branded tapes for small business packaging is a good idea. It gives a premium look to your packaging and will help you stand different from ordinary brands. Using a branded sealing tape will also show that you give attention to details to inspire your customers.  

You may write your brand’s name, logo, or initials on the tape. Create a constant design by printing the design at regular intervals. You can also make it colorful to increase the attraction of your customers.

Moreover, consider that the tape is good quality and sticky enough to seal the packaging. 

4- Custom Notes

Custom Notes

Using customized notes is an excellent and economical way to make good packaging. If you look at the cost, they are nothing but pieces of cardboard on which a customized note is printed. But the value is in the message that is conveyed through them. They show the customers that you care for them and believe in creating a lasting customer-seller relationship. 

Moreover, in ecommerce, once the package delivers to the customers’ doorsteps, they have no further interaction with the sellers. Hence, placing notes is a way to make the customers feel that the sellers care for them. 

You may also place special, hand-written notes that will look very special.

You may write the following points on these notes:

  • Ask the customer for a review on your social media. 
  • Say thanks to the buyers for trusting your brand. 
  • Refer to some other product that can be very useful for your customers.
  • Provide instructions about how to use the products.

5- Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Using eco-friendly packaging material is very important for creating a good impression of your business on your customers. 

You can use kraft mailing boxes as they are made from natural raw materials that do not harm nature. The Kraft material is made from wood pulp that is 100% biodegradable. It is easily customizable, as you can make any packaging from it. Moreover, it is also good for printing.

6- Include Freebies Gifts

Freebies Gifts

Even a small item as a Free gift can increase your value before the eyes of the customers. Everyone likes gifts and surprises as it makes them feel special. You can make your customers feel the same by giving them a little gift.

You may place the following items inside the packaging:

  • A Branded Cup with a Company Logo
  • A gift voucher, coupon, or discount card.
  • A little handbag if the customers are females.
  • A cap with your brand name on it.

These items would cost you very less, but in the long run, they will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

7- Padded mailers

Padded mailers

If your items are sensitive and need extra protection, padded mailers are the best option. They have a protective layer that helps save your products from any damage during transport. 

Moreover, they are light in weight, which will reduce your shipping costs. Wide varieties are available for making them. You may customize any design on them and can also select their suitable size. Making eco-friendly packaging that will help preserve the environment is also possible. 

You may print the details of your business on them. They have a seal attached to them that is very tough and provides protection to your products inside. Padded mailers are the best option for your e-commerce wrapping.

Elevate your Unboxing Experience with E-commerce Packaging

All these e-commerce packaging ideas will enable your brand to provide the best unboxing experience to your customers. It will be very beneficial for creating a good brand image.

Your customers will feel very happy when they see a box designed very specially. Implement these ideas in your business, and you will observe tremendous changes in your customer turnout. E-commerce is all about leaving a good impression on customers and you can do this through your packaging. 

If you need any help designing the e-commerce packaging boxes for your Product then you reach out to our Team and they will help you to create your desired boxes for you.

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