7 Cheap Packaging Ideas You Should Consider


Cheap packaging is the one that is affordable for you and suitable for your products. Going for cheap packaging does not mean creating substandard packaging. It means efficiently creating a boxing experience that fits your requirements and budget.

You do not need expensive ideas to stand out in the market. Instead, hundreds of cheap packaging ideas are available that would create a unique image for your brand and prove cost-effective.

How can these Low-Cost Packaging Ideas be helpful?

Cost-effective packaging is very helpful for you. Especially if you have just started a small business and want to stand out in the market, selecting suitable packaging is the best option for your budget.

Going for Affordable Packaging Solutions for Small Businesses can benefit your brand. It will help you create a unique identity by giving a personalized touch to your boxes. When you have started a new business, even a few bucks saved can go a long way to creating more possibilities for your growth. In such a scenario, the wisest thing to do is to save your costs on packaging by designing it efficiently. 

1. Custom Sleeves 

custom sleeves

Going for customized sleeves is a good option if you want to spend on something other than making an entire box. It is economical and will help reduce material waste by eliminating unnecessary boxes.

The sleeves may be made from paper, cardboard, etc. You may customize them according to your budget by printing them. It can be used for clothes, makeup products, or eatable items. If you want to provide additional protection to your articles, cover them with a plastic sheet and then put the sleeve on them. 

2. Printed Patterns

Printed Patterns

Going for printed patterns is a very underrated packaging idea. You can create a pattern design on the packaging that may symbolize your name. It may either be your logo or your brand name. You can also go for a design that looks very good with your packaging.

It is a misconception that printing is expensive. The truth is that you can customize your printing design and select appropriate colors for this purpose. 

3. Poly Mailer Bags

Poly Mailer Bags

Poly mailer bags are also an affordable packaging solution for your new business. They are light in weight but provide maximum protection to your products. Furthermore, due to their lightweight, they reduce shipping costs for your parcel. 

They are the best choice for putting clothes inside them. Moreover, they are also water-proof, making them the best shipping option. You can customize them by printing the name and logo according to your brand. Moreover, you may also paste stickers on them to save the cost of printing. 

4. Logo Stickers

It is a secondary packaging item as it does not play a part directly in the product packaging or in providing protection. However, it plays an important role in branding and product embellishment. Design the stickers by printing your logo on them. 

You can paste these stickers anywhere you like. Even if you have plain boxes, the stickers will help add a personalized touch to them. Moreover, you can also use these stickers directly on the products. Vinyl and holographic stickers are also an option if you want to go for a different packaging experience.

5. Bows and Ribbons

Are you looking for attractive packaging that is cheap as well? Use ribbons and bows to add colors and value to your ordinary-looking packaging. They do not cost you much, but their benefits are multifold. They are also a good option if you want to go for themed Christmas packaging

Go for shades of ribbons that look very appealing with your box. You may use the contrasts of dark and light to get prominent. Ribbons give an aesthetic appeal to the products. You can also wrap the products in gift paper and tie a bow over them to give an embellished look.

6. Gift Cards

Nothing can be more exciting than gift cards. You can make your ordinary packaging special by placing a gift card inside. Also, write a statement on the box like, “gift card inside.” It will increase the attraction of your customers towards the products. 

If you think that this will get expensive, then reconsider your thoughts. You do not need to put in a very high-value card. Even a very minimal card would be enough to make your customers happy. Moreover, you will also notice a tremendous increase in your sales because of the customer attraction towards this card. 

7. Handwritten Notes

Putting handwritten notes inside the boxes will also go a long way toward creating a special connection of your customers with you. They will not cost much as they are simple cardboard pieces on which you can write a note for your customers. But it will make them feel very special.

It will also save you printing costs. You may thank the customers for shopping from you or ask them to give a review of your products on social media. It will show that you are not greedy for money only but also care for the buyers.

What are Cost-Saving Tips for Packaging?

Following the above-mentioned cheap packaging ideas, you can reduce your costs on product boxing. Your packaging needs to have the power to capture your customers’ attention and convince them to buy the products. 

Moreover, you can also follow some smart strategies that will also prove to be cost-effective:

  • Order the packaging boxes in bulk to save shipping charges and time.
  • Look for some discount offers by the packaging service providers. 
  • Ask for offers like free shipping or dieline ideas, etc.

Hence, you can smartly use your packaging to enhance your brand value. Remember that you should not compromise on the quality of the packaging to reduce your cost. 

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