Plain Sample Kit

A plain sample kit of a mailer box is also referred to as a sample kit without any artwork or design on it. It’s an unprinted form of a box, which an individual can use to see how it is structurally made. You can compose a plain sample in many different ways, such as part of the packaging, such as the lid, flap, or even just one section or edge of the packaging, showing how the rest of the package looks.


Plain kits that you may receive upon request might consist of the following attributes depending on your packaging requirement. 

+ Custom Size 
+ Material of your Choice


You won’t receive the following attributes upon ordering a plain sample kit.

  Print and publishing

  Add-ons and embellishments (e.g. foil, embossing)

  Finishing (e.g. matte, glossy)

Turnaround & Shipping Time

Reimbursement Policy

Have you ever found yourself thinking about the reimbursement policy? You can rest assured that we will refund your payment within a week if you ever find yourself in this situation. As a convenience to you, our reimbursement policy is outlined below:
Your minimum value for that order is USD 5000, which excludes shipping per packaging volume of 1000 units per packaging type.
50% The minimum order placement of USD 10000 excludes the shipping cost per packaging volume of 2500 packaging units per packaging type.

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