Box Design

Dieline templates are an essential part of packaging designs; perhaps it’s safe to say that the packaging is incomplete without them. Choosing the right packaging die-line template is essential if you need to develop a packaging solution that relies on mailing boxes. 

With endless possibilities, you can use the same artwork in different box styles with the slightest changes, depending on what best suits the product that you are planning to pack in your shipping boxes.

Below you can find the two different die-line templates that are mostly used in e-commerce packaging and to ship products globally. You can download the given die-line templates in PDF format that you can later edit in Adobe Illustrator. To understand better about templates check out our dieline design guide.

Mailer Box Dieline Template (2)

Mailer Box Dielines

A perfect e-commerce packaging method for providing memorable and unexceptional unboxing experiences.

Dieline Template of Shipping Box

Shipping Box Dielines

Widely used in shipping items globally to carry lightweight items and enhance the shelf life of your items.

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