Custom Shipping Boxes

Looking for custom shipping boxes that fit through the mail easily and save you money on shipping? Shipping bulkier items in these boxes are the most economical and safest option.

corrugated shipping boxes
custom white mailer boxes

Ensures Maximum Protection for your Product

Our rugged and tough custom corrugated shipping boxes will prevent your products from being damaged accidentally. In addition, we strive to create sustainable packaging, which makes these boxes not only durable but also environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, customizing these boxes with your company logo will make them more recognizable to your customers, creating a loyal customer base.

White Paper

Perfect for customization and suits best for printing purposes (CMYK & Pantones).

Kraft Paper

Perfect for customization & eco-friendly. Perfectly suited for black & white printing.

Hot Foiling Stamping

Adds a metallic finish to packaging designs more luxurious.

Embossing & Debossing

Raise or lower the surface of the material to produce a tactile effect.

Spot UV

For a striking contrast, apply a sheen coating to highlight specific areas.


Smooth, non reflective finish for a sophisticated appearance


Reflective and shiny surface for a vibrant and eye-catching look


We apply a sealed warnish finish to preserve the printed ink, logo, and branding information.

Soft Touch

Looks like matte, provide velvel type feel to your mailers

Get Inspired & Go Beyond

Take a look at what we have to offer when customizing your packaging. Our previous orders are shown below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have some doubts and queries? Check out our FAQs Section.

What is your minimum order quantity?

We do not have a minimum order quantity policy, which means you can place an order of as much quantity as you require. Depending on the quantity, the price may vary.

What is the turnaround time for order completion?

Our Turnaround time starts as soon as you confirm the order placement. Our order completion time is of 8 – 10 working days. In the case of a rush order, exceptions can be made.

Can I Request a Sample Before I Order?

Yes. You can request a sample before deciding whether to place an order with us, but you will have to pay the fee for the sample if you do.

How Can I Get an Instant Quote for my Order?

To get an instant quote, you can contact us in our chat support or visit our “Get Quote” page to fill out the form and get an instant quote.

Are corrugated boxes good for shipping heavy products?

Yes. We make all of our shipping boxes from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard for the sturdiness you need for your fragile and heavy items.

Which one is better for my products Mailer Box or Shipping Box?

Selection of your box style depends on what kind of product(s) you’re shipping. For shipments of one or two items, a mailer box will do, but for multiple items, shipping boxes are necessary.