What are Different Types of Packaging Materials?

Kraft Paper

These days, every product you see comes in some form of packaging. It provides both security and an aesthetic look to the products. Moreover, the trends for online shopping have increased the demand for packaging so that the products will remain safe during shipping. Now you may ship any product anywhere by packing it very safely. 

The types of packaging materials differ according to the shipping distance, method, and product. If the product is sensitive, you may use various packaging inserts to keep it safe and in place. Similarly, the material used for making the box might also vary according to the product. In addition to providing protection, good packaging over shipping also helps provide customers with a valuable unboxing experience.

Most Commonly Used Packaging Materials

The advancement in the packaging industry has provided people with various boxing materials. The selection depends on the choice of the customers according to the product to be shipped. 

You may select the material according to your choice and customize the box type to make a perfect custom box. Here we will discuss the various material options available for making boxes.

3 materials are primarily used for making packaging. These are:

  1. Paper Stock
  2. Card Stock
  3. Corrugated Stock

1. Paper Stock 

paper stock

In the packaging industry, paper stock is important for quality printing. The type of paper stock will determine the overall look of the packaging. It has an important role in invoking the customers’ senses by attracting them to the excellent quality of the packaging. 

Customization Options for Paper Stock

There are various customization options available for making packaging from paper stock. You may select any packaging style according to your product’s requirements. Moreover, there are various finishing options available. You may apply coatings like gloss, matte, velvet, linen, etc. Moreover, you may also embellish your packaging by using ribbons or bows. 

Types of Paper Stock

The paper stock has the following types:

  • Art Paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Morocco Paper
Art Paper

This paper has a smooth and shiny surface that gives a premium look to your packaging. It is somewhat resistant to water—furthermore, the smooth surface results in better print quality and a clear image on the surface. 

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a brown-colored, eco-friendly paper. Its raw materials are natural wood pulp, which helps reduce its waste production. It is light in weight and available in various thicknesses. The various types of paper are recycled, heavy-duty, natural, etc.

It is used for gift wrapping, void-filling, handbag making, etc. Any box type may be made from them, like kraft mailer boxes, tuck-end boxes, etc. You may use it for shipping products like stationery, clothes, etc. Moreover, you may also make paper bags that are best for transporting products conveniently. 

Morocco Paper 

It is more durable in comparison with other printing papers. It provides good-quality printing for your packaging. Various shades are available from which suitable ones may be selected.

2. Cardstock 


Cardstock is a high-quality paper that is thicker than paper stock. It results in adding more strength to your packaging along with adding an aesthetic appeal. You may use it to make cards, invitations, or boxes. 

Customization Options for Cardstock

It can also be customized according to your requirements to create the required packaging. You may use embossing, stamping, vanishing, or lamination on this material. Using high-quality printing on this stock will help you enhance the visual appeal of your packaging. 

Types of Cardstock

The following are the various types of cardstock available for making your packaging:

  • Art Card
  • Kraft Card
  • Textured Card
Art Card

It is similar to art paper with the difference that the paper quality is more firm. It can be used to make aesthetic boxes. The shiny look of the paper will make very good quality boxes. 

Kraft Card

It is harmless for the environment due to using natural raw materials for its manufacturing. It is best for you if you want to give a natural look to your product packaging. Moreover, its environment-friendly nature also attracts people conscious about preserving nature. 

Textured Card 

A textured card is the best option if you want to add depth to your packaging. It will help you give a 2D or 3D look to your packaging. The textured card gives a high-quality and personalized look to your packaging. 

3. Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated Cardboard

The sturdiest material, best for e-commerce packaging, is corrugated cardboard. It is made from three layers that provide maximum protection—the outer two layers of cardboard sandwich an inner fluted layer with ridges. There are two types of corrugated flutes, i.e., E-flute and B-flute. 

E-Flute: It is a comparatively thin flute of 1.5-2 mm dimensions. It is easily foldable. E-flute is best for making smaller boxes as their material strength may decrease for larger boxes. 

B-Flute: It is thicker than the E-flute and is the most commonly used material for shipping. It is suitable for making bigger boxes due to more durability and resistance.

The fluted layer provides additional cushioning to the products packed inside it. Adding more sheets to the material is possible to increase its strength and make it more durable. You may make any box from it according to the product requirements. 

It can ship electronics, healthcare, food items, stationery, healthcare, etc.

Customization Options

You may make any box style from corrugated material. Moreover, you may also place inserts or make compartments in the box to help manage the products better.  

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