8 Creative Holiday Packaging Ideas

holiday packaging ideas

The holiday season is the time of the year when business owners customize their packaging to make it look more embellished. Use amazing design and creative ideas to make a difference in the older ways of boxing. Many holiday packaging ideas will enable you to show care for your customers. It will tell them that they are special to you.

Giving and receiving gifts to express love and gratitude is common for everyone, especially during the holiday season. This calls for special packaging keeping the holiday theme in mind. If you run a business, you can increase your sales by customizing using these packaging ideas for your products. There are many ways of creatively altering your packaging to suit the holiday theme. 

The following are the top 7 packaging ideas to make the holiday season very special for your customers:

(1) Colorful Printed Tape

Colorful Printed Tape

Using colorful and printed tape is a great way to make your packaging stand out from competitors.

Tapes are a good option for the following reasons:

  • They help in the sealing of the box that secures the products inside.
  • Tapes are economical.

You can use tape if you are low on budget and do not want to change the complete packaging. Design the tape according to the holiday theme, for example, by making deer and Christmas trees on them for the Christmas event, and you can stick it on the box.

(2) Decorative Mailer Boxes

Decorative Mailer Boxes

Giving your Christmas gifts a festive touch by using decorative mailer boxes is a great choice. To do this, think about using mailer boxes with festive hues or patterns, such as snowflakes, reindeer, or Christmas trees. This will give your packaging a unique touch and help it stand out from boring and basic boxes.

Also, you can design the mailer box according to your event or holiday which suits best your product, and then ship your product directly to your loved ones without any damage. Because this mailer box is built with corrugated flutes which makes the box more durable and shipment ready.

And if you can’t Decorate the Mailer Boxes then you can find reliable packaging experts like Mailerboxes.us who can help you to design a box for you according to your theme.

(3) Kraft Papers

Kraft Paper packaging

Using Kraft papers for your holiday theme will provide a clear canvas to design the packaging according to your needs.

They are the best option for products that are not very fragile, like clothes, books, etc. Hence, you may wrap them in Kraft paper.

It can be embellished in the following ways:

  • Use ribbons to hold the paper around the product.
  • Decorate the paper with stamps or stickers.
  • Print the Kraft paper with black ink.
  • Add gift tags.

Kraft papers will give an organic look to your packaging that would be fascinating for your brand image in the market.

(4) Greeting cards

greeting cards

The holiday season is incomplete without greeting cards. Moreover, they are one of the best holiday packaging ideas that are very economical but valuable at the same time.

If you do not want to alter your packaging, placing a greeting card inside the box is enough. You may wish your Christmas or a happy holiday season to your customers. Moreover, writing a note about taking care of yourself will also make your place in the customers’ hearts.

(5) Stickers

custom Stickers

Stickers are small and customizable that may be placed anywhere on the packaging. You can make them according to your holiday theme and write your brand name.

The stickers will give a nice look to your packaging and make it gift-worthy. They are a creative way to customize your packaging without spending much.

Customize stickers according to colors that match the holiday theme.

(6) Ribbon and bows

The best way to make your products look special is by decorating them with ribbons and bows. These are the most common Christmas packaging ideas. They will look festive and attract the attention of the customers.

You can use them in the following ways:

  • Place ribbons as a plus sign to give a gift pack look.
  • Use ribbon to wrap the packaging paper around the product.
  • Attach a bow anywhere on the box.

(7) Gift tags

gift tags

Gift tags are also viable if you want to pay attention to details. They can be customized according to the event to make them look amazing.

Write a greeting or thank you note on these tags to make them look good. They are available in numerous shapes, like circular, rectangular, star, or any other shape. Select attractive colors for them and use a ribbon of matching color to attach them to the box.

(8) Try a New Shape

Literature box design
Literature Mailer Box

Trying a new shape for your box is also good, enabling you to break the monotony of rectangular and square shapes. Themed boxes often have innovative shapes that attract the attention of the customers. 

Think about any shape, and you can use it for your holiday packaging ideas. Also, try to synchronize the printing on the box with its shape to give a realistic look.

For example, if it is a box for holding sweets and you customize its shape to that of a Christmas tree, then also print the design of a Christmas tree on it.

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