9 Creative Packaging Ideas for Clothing

Nowadays, the number of clothing brands is increasing tremendously in the market. However, their unique characteristics and the packaging quality of their products play a significant role to make them different from others.

Packaging is essential in creating a distinct mark for your clothing brand. The demands for packaging also vary according to the gender of the customers. Female clothing items are in much-embellished packaging that focuses on details.

On the other hand, Men clothing is in packaging that looks very to the point and decent. Packaging for children’s clothing is often funky and creative to make them happy.

Now, e-commerce selling has increased the importance of packaging, which not only helps establish an identity in the market but also creates a beneficial impact on the customers.

Here in this blog, we will examine the most amazing clothes packaging ideas for your brand.

Types of Packaging for Apparel  

Selecting the right type of packaging for your clothes is very important for ensuring their protection. Moreover, the packaging also creates a unique impression of your brand before the customers. It stands as the representative for you and helps increase your brand’s aesthetic value in the markets.

You may consider the following ideas if you are looking for cost-effective packaging for small businesses:

Compostable Garment Bags 

The importance of environmental sustainability has called for the promotion and use of compostable packaging materials. Hence, compostable garment bags are the best option to reduce environmental waste production. These bags are easily decomposable and hence do not result in litter. 

Moreover, they are available in many shapes according to your brand requirement. They also help keep the clothes in place and crease-free. Furthermore, they are also very reliable. Their flexibility makes them the best option for packing clothes. They are decomposed very easily all by themselves after a particular period. Composable Garment bags are the best go-to packaging solutions for small brands.

Customized Tissue Paper 

Using a protective layer of tissue paper is also a good idea for aesthetically packaging your products. The material may be customized according to your brand needs. You may print your logo or brand name on them. They will be an effective packaging element during shipping, keeping the clothes safe from dust.

Being light in weight, it becomes a major packaging choice of most e-commerce sellers for shipping their clothes at highly economical rates. They are also completely biodegradable and eco-friendly, as they decompose very easily. You may not need to make them according to specific shapes; in fact, wrap the apparel in them and place it in the box.

Nylon drawstring bags

Nylon drawstring bags

Brands that want to give an elite-class look to their products often go for nylon drawstring bags. They are used in place of any shopping bags. You may write the name and logo of your company on these bags to leave a good impression. Being eco-friendly, they are a good replacement for polythene bags in which the clothes are often packed before being placed in boxes.

They are reusable, and your customers may utilize them in their routines. Hence, you may print your details on these bags that will later become your representative.

Ziplock plastic bags

This is the best option if you want to keep your clothes safe from moisture. They are easy to use and customizable as well. Ziplock bags are a good option for shipping your products because of the Ziplock that makes these bags the best.

As the name shows, these bags have zips attached, making their sealing and unsealing very easy. People can also use them later to keep other products.

Frosted PVC bags

These are the best way to store your clothes. You can easily print the logo of your brand on these bags. The zip-like lock attached to the bag makes opening and closing easy, keeping the clothes safe. Moreover, the frost allows you to give customers a little sneak peek of your products. They will get an idea about what is there inside the bag.

Eco-Friendly Poly Mailer

These are light in weight, eco-friendly, and the most durable option for shipping your clothes. They have a tear strip attached to them that is often reusable. They are better than other packaging options because they are good for the environment causing the least waste production.

They are also cost-effective because of their low price and lightweight, which reduces the extra shipping charges due to packaging to almost zero.

Corrugated Mailer Boxes

If you want to provide a good unboxing experience to your customers, then mailer boxes are the ideal apparel packing. They are customizable according to your business requirement. You may design them in any way. They are also sturdy and hence maintain their shape. This is good for clothes, having no solid shape. 

These boxes are solid and give customers a reliable impression of your brand. They are best for shipping your clothes over long distances. They are also easy to seal and do not need additional adhesive material for this purpose. 

Fabric ribbon

source: progresspackaging.co.uk

Using ribbons is a good option if you want to embellish your packaging. If you wrap the clothes in tissue paper, you may use fabric ribbon to hold them together. Moreover, it can also be used for embellishing the box. Moreover, if two or more items have to be placed together, you may use ribbons to attach them to each other. 

These ribbons may also attach tags and hangers with the clothes. You may write any information about your clothes on these tags. Suppose you want to give a complementary item to the customers along with the clothes, like a jewelry item. In that case, you may use ribbons to attach these two things.

Folding Carton Boxes

These are the best boxes for your clothes as they are easily customizable according to your requirement. If you want to give a premium look to your products, use them. They are very protective and hence can be used for keeping various things. Since they are foldable, it is very easy to take them from one place to another. 

You may also customize them by adding embellishments like ribbons, applying varnish, laminating, etc.

Considerations When Choosing Packaging for Clothing  

All the packaging ideas for clothing are readily available for your brand. However, you may need to consider the following points while deciding which type of packaging you should select for your clothing brand:

  • Keep your brand image in mind and select the packaging accordingly. If your brand has a high-class image, consider using rigid boxes, tissue paper wrapping, etc.
  • The size and type of clothing that you have to pack.
  • The mode of selling the clothes, i.e., online or through shops. You may use mailer boxes for online selling. On the other hand, even nylon bags are enough for selling clothes at your shop.
  • Check your budget before placing an order to get affordable packaging for your clothes.

Considering all these points, you may get good packaging for your products. You can change the name and image of your brand in the markets by using excellent quality packaging. Always conduct a thorough market study before designing your boxes so that you would know the strategies of your competitors. However, this does not undermine the importance of adding your personal touch to the packaging design. 

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